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The Love Series

Love is not easy. A look into the problems of long term relationships and their solutions. Three films about the ways we love.

The Love Series shows that relationships facing a great conflict can persist. It examines extraordinary couples, who are confronted with a challenge distinctive for their relationship. It shows the approaches the partners choose to tackle these obstacles and how their relationship grows in the process.


Martin, 38, and Katarina, aged 33, are married and live together in Zurich. Shortly after Martin got diagnosed the first time with a rare form of pancreatic cancer in 2012, the two met and immediately fell in love. They resigned from their former to follow their common passion: telling stories.

Katarina, originally from Sweden, has lost her close family. While Martin fights against his cancer, she faces the fact, that she might lose the last person in her life at any time. How do you accept the death of someone you love so much?

Together they run mysurvivalstory.org, a transmedia project collecting inspiring stories of surviving cancer patients.


Beatrice, 55, and Sina, 50, live in Berlin. Beatrice recently started her transition. While she works as a director of photography for television and film, Sina pursues her second course of studies for social work.

Sina, a few years ahead in the process of the transition, supports Beatrice wherever she can: legal issues, medical information, psychological support. But one thing even she can’t really react to: Beatrice’s impatience with the lengthy nature of a transition which leads to frustration and self-pity.


Anita, 26, and Mario, 29, live together in Bienne. While Anita studies to be a teacher, Mario works as a journalist for a Swiss newspaper. Their relationship started about three years ago.

Soon after they got together, they started talking about the concept of polyamory—having multiple equally valued relationships at the same time. As time evolved, they decided to try it. Now that Mario has a second girlfriend, Anita’s even more convinced, that this form of love works for them.

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